Debate Club

Our goal is increasing of social consciousness through the oldest form of learning “Debating” taking as an example the most development world countries, which through this model have achieve to improve communication skills, expressive skills, have managed to beat the pressure of time, have managed to be excellent in public speeches and so, they achieve to be successful in their personal career.

We give youngsters the chance to learn about the techniques of this art, and prepare them not only for national tournaments but also international ones. British Parliamentary Debate Club


    There is a deadline for application (usually 31st November), because inside of University number of participants is limited.
    There are only 4 groups.
    Every group consists of 8 members.
    Within these 8 members are 4 teams.
    Team comprises of 2 members.


Parliamentary debate format is similar with Academic debating format. This format has been supported by majority of developed European and world states. This kind of debate officially is accepted as the only form of making Tournaments between different Universities in all over the world. Thus was born idea that young people do debate in this format without underestimated other formats.

The origin of debate is from British Parliament and this is the reason why this debate is called so. In this Parliament is practice to find a way to solve global problems through discussion 

Structure of Debate

Opening Government

Opening Opposition

Prime Minister                               1st Speaker

Deputy Minister                             3rd Speaker

Prime Minister in shadow                      2nd Speaker

Deputy Minister in shadow                    4th Speaker

Closing Government

Closing Opposition

Minister                                         5th Speaker

Whip                                              7th Speaker  

(Whip is the last speaker of Government).

Minister in shadow                                  6th Speaker

Whip                                                           8th Speaker

(Whip of Opposition is the last Speaker of Opposition and of whole debate.

Before the debates time the speakers have 15 minutes to prepare about the motion that they didn’t knew before. After the time has finished every speaker has 7 minutes to speak and show argues and counter-argues about the topic. Order of speakers is shown up in the table. Every debate has one or two chairman or adjudicators that follow the debate and give the conclusion about the best speaker and the best team.


    Every group will have two training sessions a week.
    A training session last 90 minutes (But it will noted as one normal hour, we call this “Volunteer Time”).
    For 4 groups per week will be held 8 hours.
    During semester every week will be held training sessions that includes: Debates, Academic writing, Special trainings to prepare resolutions.
     Every group will prepare a Resolution Paper with specific topic.

    It will be a special day where we organize a Parliamentary Stimulation.
    Groups will defend their topics in active way where all debaters will have chance to speak.
    The Resolution Day has specific rules of format.


    There are two types of certificates:
    Certificate as a debater
    Certificate as a participant

*Information point: Only the finalists will get the certification as a debater, the rest will get the certification as a participant of debating in British Parliamentary format


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