It was the third day of our project "Encouraging media and minority" and at 10:00 in the morning we were preparing to set off from Gërmia to Prizren. We arrived at the town, and the first activity in our agenda was to meet with head of "Dogru Yol" NGO. There, we walked down the streets guided by our facilitator. When we were in the NGO building, a gentleman was waiting for us. He presented himself and he showed us a brief history of the organization. Even though he was from a Turkish family, he said he could speak as many as three languages including Turkish, Albanian, and Serbian. He explained to us that in Prizren most of the families speaks those languages, therefore all three languages are official in Prizren Municipality. Part of the discussion was the harmony between different communities within the town. He talked about the cultural events that were organized by "Dogru Yol". The range of activities include folkloric music, and a variety of musical instruments were exhibit in the ONG building as well. Latter on, we visited other part of the town and had the opportunity to talk to the locals. We enjoyed the view from the castle of the city. After that, before leaving we had our lunch time in a gorgeous restaurant. It was a day full of new information and experiences, which could not but deserve our reflection.


 We are part of Encouraging Minorities and Media of Erasmus+ project. And we had opportunity to visit Gracanica and the roman ruins. We visited a wonderful places. First of all we saw the old ruins and we learned about history of the place which was really interesting for everybody, we went by bus to Gracanica were was a guy from the NGO which we visited later. He told us about the purpose of the organization they have a good commutation, they are looking for donators to support them (if you are rich don't hesitate to send them money). Somebody let them stay in the building for free to help them. On our way to the city center we saw the barracks where live very poor people. This minorities is living in very bad and michable contions. In the city center we saw the "Missing" monument. Our guide told us the meaning of sculpture. Here were photos of missing people who were kidnap by the Liberation Army in 1999. Local people think that they did it because they want it to sell their organs, the locals still don't know if they are alive or dead. Than we went to the main square and we heard the story of the first war, also story about the chapel. This chapel was build to remember the life of young boy that did and during shooting fight. Than we pop in the Monastery which was under reconstruction. We could talk with the conservators, they explain how they are repairing the old paintings which were everywhere all over the walls and the ceiling. Than we had amazing free time, so we could enjoy the village. In the restaurant we ate lot of delicious grill meat, even vegetarians ate it. Then we come back to the Prishtina where we realized all the things we learned and especially that in Kosovo there is still place space for improving the life quality of minorities.

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