Project management club (PMC)

Welcome to Project Management Club

This club is designed for interested youngsters that want to gain necessary skills in the field of project management.

This is the right place where motivated youngsters could work in team and learn by doing. They have the possibility to create their team and choose the field of projects they want to participate.

As Project management club member, students have the possibility to take self initiatives, and implement their project. In this way they will be faced the real field challenges and will have the necessary support to pass the obstacles. They will learn each project phase, from project idea till the project completion. The necessary techniques, and support will be provided to them such as: how to improve their writing skills, learn how to learn, establish network, initiate communication with different stake holders, report follow the results etc.

The project management club helps youngsters to increase their communication skills and critical thinking and will provide them the opportunity to learn how to learn. They will learn about the local and international donors, increase their active participation in the social life and give these youngsters the possibility to make a change in the life perspective of the others.

Meeting hours and dates: Every participant will be taking 3 sessions of training per week: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays at the ILIRIA University building Str. Gazmend Zajmi no. 75, Prishtina

Some of topics of the Training:

  1. Information about local and International Donors
  2. How to prepare a project proposal
  3. Planning Project Activities
  4. Drafting the budget line for Different Call for Proposals
  5. How to find partners
  6. Implementation and follow up
  7. Reporting

How to join us:

There isn’t any specific deadline for applying.
If you want to join us, then you have to fill the application form, which you can download down below and send it via mail. Or you can print the application form,  fill it and bring it along to any of our meetings in the address that we’ve mentioned below. But you can also apply by contacting one of our members.

Tel: +377 (0) 45 977 000

Join us, CESD Your Team – Your Dream

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