Create the Job YOU dreamed for

The voluntary work has shown to increase youth potential, making them able to gain a job, or create one. It allows them to choose the field where they want to give their contribution. By doing what they want to do, they explore their potential, learn faster and feel a valuable member of the surrounding society Volunteering at our organization is a way that provides youngsters the possibility to develop new skill, establish contacts and gain self confidence.

It allows youngsters to explore their capacities and realize the skills that distinguish them from the other.For many people the others well being is crucial element in their life, in this way they choose to voluntary contribute in their own way to improve certain social issues and problems. It helps them to establish network, and learn from other experiences. In this way youngsters get more familiar with the social problems and learn the path and tools necessary to solve them.

Our organization provides them initiate professional support, in order for them to achieve this. Through voluntary work, people do not only give their contribution in common social problem, but they also invest in themselves. The experience they gain helps them in their life challenges and for many people volunteering has changed their life. 

Voluntary Work Opportunities at CESD

Center for Economic and Social Development, is open to accept local and international volunteers. This service will help volunteers to grow, not only on professional level but also on personal level by improving their skills and knowledge, and will be able to get in touch and learn more from another culture and country. Volunteers will be able to spread our values and by communicating and exchanging ideas, gain a useful expertise on how this question is being resolved and treated in other countries.

The volunteers mainly will be added value to our daily activities, they will have chance to take part in the administrative activities of CESD of to participate in different activities of research institute, career center or Graphic design and webmaster activities.

The volunteers can participate in one of the clubs run by CESD as the Debate Club, Programmers or Robotic club.  They can also be engaged in the graphic design activities where we already have 2 employed people. In case they are interested for research activities they can be daily engaged in researches of the institute. They will help current employers (three (3) employees) in doing researches, a process which will include a preparation, research, elaboration, classification, reporting, evaluation and follow up activities.

Moreover they can participate in seminars, workshops and trainings organized by the Career Center.

Volunteers will work 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. All above mentioned activities will only upgrade and supplement the work of existing staff in CESD and according this it cannot substitute the job of others. The activities of volunteers can bring only synergy in the daily work of CESD in order for better achievement of the organization’s goals.

If the volunteers are willing in taking initiative and making a project proposals we will do the best to make this idea happen. The volunteers during the whole project will have constant support and help of their mentor, chosen by the organization. The mentor will be responsible for providing personal support and support during the learning and Youthpass process to the volunteers.

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